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About Black Diamond Oilfield Rentals

Black Diamond Oilfield Rentals is a privately held service company that rents and services onshore drill pipe, heavy-weight drill pipe, drill collars, tubing and handling tools. The company is recognized for its ability to provide customers with best-in-class rental equipment, faster response times, and greater availability with a customized equipment and service program. The Black Diamond team goes above and beyond for its customers, offering the best drill pipe management, guidance, and handling services in the industry. Specifically, the team will review and analyze well bore schematics, directional data, and torque and drag performance to ensure the requested drill pipe is fit for its valued customer’s purpose. Black Diamond also performs frequent inspections with a specialized and analytical approach to historical drill pipe trends regarding repairs and DBR’s (reworks, refaces, hardfacing, tube wear, slip cuts, etc).

Black Diamond’s advantage in the oilfield is four-fold:

  1.  Ability to understand the customer’s needs and customize an equipment and service program,
  2. Strong vendor partnerships allow the company to effectively purchase tubulars and supporting products for operators,
  3. integrated management of tubulars and support equipment throughout the product’s life-cycle, giving customers world-class support services, real-time information and on-site peace of mind, and
  4. Proven experience in the oilfield rentals sector. 

Consequently, Black Diamond functions as a highly-valued partner committed to customer performance and success in the field; Black Diamond is not just another vendor. The company is located in Houston, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is currently focused on active oil and gas drilling programs in North, South, and Central America.

Black Diamond is constantly expanding inventory to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Click to see the product portfolio.

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